Help us to continue to assist these children in need and serve others!
To watch the progress of this home, CLICK HERE or go to https://kinshipunited.org/dominican-republic

1/23 Kinship Update!

monday news

Thanks to your generous support and hard work, we were able to donate a total of $27,034.00 to Kinship United in 2016!!  WOO HOO!  This amazing gift served the Cayacoa Church Home in the Dominican Republic.

The Church Home is growing quickly and they are excited about the opportunities the support is providing! Some recent updates from Cayocoa:

A new little boy, Joel, was recently brought into the home. He came from a VERY violent home. He was malnourished to the point where his hair was falling out. When the authorities found him, he was lying next to his mother, who had been murdered by his father. There's no telling the amount of abuse he has been subjected to. We are thanking GOD that he was saved and brought to the home. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support - allowing children like him to come to a safe place. These children now have a second chance at childhood.

And there is even more great news! The combination of your support and the support of other Cayacoa donors, the Kinship Home is now the proud owner of a van! THIS IS HUGE! A vehicle to take kids to school, go out and rescue MORE kids, take kids to the hospital, mobile evangelism and the list goes on!!

monday news

They are putting a fresh coat of paint on it and putting Kinship United logo on the side. These really are blessings beyond measure and deserve another BIG WOO HOO!! Thank you for your support!

4/24 Kinship Update & Goal

We are making such an impact and difference in the lives the children in our Kinship Home. There are still many empty beds and more funding is needed to fill them. We want to fill them all! We are striving to work together to DOUBLE our sales of the Mini Organizer so that even more children can be brought into the home. They currently support 9 children and are able to accommodate up to 25 children in the home. 

Here is an update from the Dominican Republic:

The kids are well and happy, going to school and attending church. Please pray with us that God would lead other suffering and hungry children to us and that we would have the financial wherewithal not to turn anyone away. 

They are currently working to start an English language and a gymnastics program since some of the kids have demonstrated a gift in this area (not sure if you recall how some of the kids where showing off their ability to jump and do cartwheels when you guys were there).

Thanks for your concerns and prayers!

Ways you can support the children:

    1. Talk about the organization! Show pictures of the children and talk about the ways our donations have helped.
    2. Share the Charity Special at your Shows, Events and on Facebook Shows.
    3. Have the Mini Organizer at Check-Out.
    4. Offer the Customer Special and ask everyone that qualifies how many they would like to add to their order.
    5. Follow-Up on Outside Orders that qualify for the special.

Thank you for partnering with us to support children in need! Your support is making a difference for these children every single day. Let’s fill the empty beds!

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