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Say Hello to                                          Love how life is beautiful with your own

                                                              Signature HomeStyles business!

                                                                   Choose from two
            Beautiful                                         showcase                options!

                  Rose Garden                                                               over $800
                  Showcase                                                     $229 retail value
                                                                                     Substitutions may occur.

                                        • Sell gorgeous products you love

                                        • Enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule!

                                        • Earn vacations and rewards

                                        • Make great income!

                                                       Earn your investment back

                                                               in 2 Shows or less!

                                        * Statement of Typical Participant Earnings:
                                          The typical Signature HomeStyles Representative’s primary source of income is from commissions on sales of Signature HomeStyles products and
                                         personal earnings will vary. A typical Signature HomeStyles Representative is defined as a Representative who has been soliciting sales of Signature
                                         HomeStyles’ products for a period of at least 12 months. A typical Signature HomeStyles Representative earns between $11.41 and $42,833.58.
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