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                                                                                                            K, L




                         G                                         H, I
                                        E, F        J

       A Metalscapes Mirror                BEST BUY                           K Bead Grass Pick Set, Blue
       Three dimensional ribbon designed metal   F Candle Holder Trio, Whitewash  Polyester foam and wire. Includes two 22"L picks.
       with distressed galvanized finish.    Includes two small 8.25"H x 4.5"Dia. and one tall    FM442 • $24
       32"Dia. x 2"D.
       WR347 • $160                      12"H x 4.75"Dia. candle holders (not shown).  L Hydrangea Stem Set, White
                                         CH820 • Reg $84 Set $70              Polyester, plastic and wire. Includes two 22"L stems.
       LED Candles, Gray                                                      FM479 • $18
       Paraffin and plastic. Features blow-out   Seaport Candle Holder
                                         Glazed ceramic and glass. Holds
       sensor. Requires three AAA batteries,                                  M Lace Ribbon, White
       not included. 3"Dia.              a 2.25"Dia. Slim Jar Candle,         Accent your style. Includes 10 yards wired
       B NT196GY 8"H • $18               sold separately.                     lace ribbon and bow making instructions.
       C NT204GY 6"H • $15               G Tall: 11.25"H x 4.25"Dia. CH434 • $36  NT341 • $8
                                         H Small: 9.25"H x 4.25"Dia. CH431 • $30
       NT209GY 4"H • $12 (not shown)
                                                                              N Ribbed Pitcher, Large
       Candle Holder, Whitewash          I Slim Jar Candle, Vanilla Wafer     Hand crafted and hand hammered white washed gray
       Molded wood with an antique       4.6 oz. 3.5"H x 2.25"Dia. Vanilla cream,    metal with ribbed design. Does not hold water.
                                         almond and sugar cookie with a hint of
       white finish. Holds a 3"Dia. pillar or                                 9.5"L x 7"W x 16"H.
       Candle Tumbler, sold separately.   candied cinnamon scents. Two shown.    WR464 • $35
       D Tall: CH813 12"H x 4.75"Dia. • $34 each    CN321VW • $8 each
       E Small: CH809 8.25"H x 4.5"Dia. • $25                                 O For God So Loved the World Sign
                                         J Seaport Vase                       Molded wood and galvanized metal with distressed
                                         Glazed ceramic. 12.5"H x 4.5"Dia.    finish. 11.25"L x 18"H.
                                         CM309 • $42                             WD613 • $36
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