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                                                  E, F

                                                          Pop of poppy


    A Colourful Poppies Print S   C HomeStyles Collection,    Daisy Stem Set            H Button Collection Pillow Cover, Red
    Use indoors or outside.       Centrepiece Basket       Polyester foam and wire.     100% cotton. Use to cover an
    Laminated canvas over a       Woven seagrass over metal   Includes two 20"L stems   18" square pillow. 18"L x 18"W.
    PVC frame. Weatherproof.      frame. 20"L x 8.5"W x 20"H.   with 8"Dia. bloom.         PW350 • $24
    26"L x 26"H x 1.5"D.             HS184 • $94           E Red    FM369 • $24
       PC433 • $87                                         F Orange    FM371 • $24      I Colourful Glass Tealight Set
                                  D Sleeping Angel                                      Includes one each red, yellow, green and
    B Flight of Butterflies Wall Decor   Stone finished resin.   G Dogwood Pick Set, Warm Mix  orange. 3.5" x 3"Dia. tealight holder w/
    Distressed white metal        12.5"L x 7"W x 7.5"H.    Polyester, plastic and wire.    metal handle. Four tealights included.
    finish. Hanger at both ends.   RS234 • Reg $74 Now $47  Includes two 22"L picks.    CH448 • $24
    13"L x 26.5"H. Two shown.                                 FM342 • Reg $32 Now $22
       WR378 • $40 each                                                                 J Beautiful Reasons Sign
                                                                                        Moulded wood. 12"L x 12"H.
                                                                                           WD579 • $40

       The perfect         fit                                                          K Butterflies LED Print
                                                                                        Printed canvas over a wood frame.
                                                                                        Features multicoloured butterflies that are
       “When I started my boys were 1 and 2. Now they are                               illuminated with multi coloured LED lights.
                                                                                        Four hour auto-on timer switch.
       grown and out of college! I used to work my business                             Requires two AA batteries, not included.
       around my kids’ activities and now I work it around                              15.75"L x 15.75"H.
       my own activities. I love the flexibility it offers.                                PC415 • $47
       Signature HomeStyles has everything I would                                      L Wavy Glass Display Hurricane, Large
       ever want in a job and I have fun while I’m doing it!                            Moulded glass with brown metal
       If you are someone is looking for great pay, great   Tammy Tegler                plate. 12"H X 5.5"Dia. Candle
       perks and flexibility, this is the right place to be!”                           available on page 8.
                                                      Team Leader                       CH248 • $64

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