Our Programs

1. How Are Signature HomeStyles Representatives Paid?
We have a base commission of 25% on all types of sales (Show sales, one-on-one sales, and Internet). We pay commission on Guest orders (including Guest bonuses) and the amount of the Host order not including her FREE products, half-priced items, or Host Bonus. We pay commissions via direct deposit once a week on all orders that shipped the previous week. A monthly bonus of up to 5% is earned on total monthly sales – with $2,000 in monthly sales a 2% bonus is earned, with $3,000– a 3% bonus is earned, with $4,000 – a 4% bonus is earned and with $5,000 – a 5% bonus is earned. Upon sponsoring a new Representative, you will be promoted to Senior Representative and will be eligible to be paid overrides of 2-3% (based on the number of Shows that you hold in a month) on the sales of all Representatives that you personally sponsor.
(Note: There is a separate commission program for fundraisers.)

2. How Are Signature HomeStyles Leaders Paid?
Our first level of leadership is a Team Leader. At this level the requirements are 3 Personal Recruits with Shows, $5,000 Group Sales (Team Sales + Personal Sales of the Leader), and personal activity of 4 Shows and/or Start-Ups with Shows (typically Grand Openings for new Representatives). Team Leaders earn overrides of 4-5% (based on the personal activity of the Leader). We have 5 additional levels of Leadership that are based on the number of Leaders on the Team.

3. How Does Our Host Plan Work?
We offer FREE and half-priced items based upon Guest sales and the number of bookings. We also offer a monthly Host Bonus that is typically worth $50 - $100+ and is available for FREE to the Host when she has 15 Guest orders or can be purchased by the Host at a discount of approximately 65%. All of our Host benefits (and our Guest specials) are offered at NO cost to the Representative.

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