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Choosing colors in your home is one of the most important parts of decorating. Colors that work well together can bring life to a room and enhance the décor pieces you use. Colors can also set the mood of a room, whether that be bright and happy or calm and relaxing!

We recommend basing your colors off the wall print that you use. Our Flower Truck LED print is a great print to use if you would like to incorporate several colors into a room. With this wall print, you can pull together multiple looks. In the first look, we are pulling the peach and blue tones from it. Keep the base neutral with the runner but add pops of blue and green with the Baby’s Breathe silk flowers and blue and green mini pots. We added a wall pocket with a peach silk flower inside! A decorating tip is to always include one black piece in a look. We choose two different sentiment pieces that you can use either on the wall grouping or with the silk flower centerpiece. Continue this look by adding pillow covers! Remember, odd groupings of pillows tend to look best! We choose one pillow to pull the blues, one to pull the peach and the third pulls both! Finish this by adding in a warm-colored hyacinth basket set.

The flower truck print has so many different colors in it which makes it easy to switch up the colors you can use. For this look, we are pulling out the yellows and greens. We switched out the silk flowers for ones that have more greenery and some white in it. We kept the pillow groupings in an odd number of 3. We choose a pillow covers with a yellow and white design on them, one with green flowers and a neutral pillow. The sentiment is written in green, so it pops above the print! You can keep the hyacinth basket set as it acts as a neutral base as well.

Grey is one of the most popular colors in home décor right now. Grey can be used in modern, contemporary, or even traditional looks. We choose the grey impressions print to be the focal point of this look. We are going to pull the whites, blacks, and greys from the print. Our sentiments in the wall grouping showcase white and black. The black candlestick holders paired with a grey LED candle gives a very relaxing vibe. You can add in the grey succulent or pull blues out by adding in blue silk flowers. We choose 3 pillow covers that incorporate each color, including the blue and completed the look by adding in a fluffy grey and white throw blanket. This entire look is very neutral but very beautiful.

Choosing a print that allows you to use different color schemes makes decorating your home simple. In this look, we are going to pull browns. We switched out the pillow covers for ones that are brown, white, and grey. We even switched out the same fluffy blanket for one in brown! Add in sentiments with a brown frame to continue pulling it. We completed this look by using tobacco baskets as our centerpieces and added in the hurricane glass with an LED candle with a neutral silk flower.

The colors you choose in your home can set the mood for the room. Make it easy by using a print that allows you to create multiple different color schemes! We hope you loved the looks you saw today! if you would like to purchase any of the products shown, please contact your local Representative.

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