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Many people think decorating your home is difficult. It may seem overwhelming but don’t worry, we are here to help! Today we will be sharing with you decorating do’s and don’ts to help make decorating your home fun and easy!

An organized home not only looks nice, but it gives a calming vibe. Our first decorating tip is to make your home as organized and as neat as possible. An easy way to do that is by using baskets to keep papers, shoes, or toys out of sight! We choose our water hyacinth basket because they are functional but also pretty to look at.

Our next tip is don’t be afraid to use color. Color can bring life to a room and can set the tone of a room. An easy way to add color is by using pillow covers! Pillow covers are great because you can switch them out easily from season to season.

Our third tip is to use at least three colors in a room. We recommend using an anchor color that is neutral and two accent colors. We brought color into this look by using a bright orange pillow cover as an end table runner and a vase filled with different colored silk flowers. The flowers we choose pop because they are similar to the colors used in the print. Remember to incorporate color into the entire room, not just one section.

When starting a decorating project, do choose a focal point. A focal point could be a wall grouping or a piece of wall art. We choose a wall art print with a sconce on each side to be our focal point. It’s important to use different textures in your décor. Different textures can be wood, metal or fabrics. To spice up this look, we added in a metal basket with softer silk flowers. Another texture we added was a green fern on top of a woven basket! Now, this look is complete.

Choosing décor that is propionate is the room it is in is another tip we recommend you do. You don’t want to have a small wall art piece on a large wall. It won’t look right and can make the room feel smaller. We added in several more pieces of wall art including two sconces and a sentiment print. The larger wall art grouping now looks propionate to the wall it’s on. We also hung it at eye level. You don’t want to hang the print above as it won’t look right.

Your home is the center of your universe. Don’t feel like it must be perfect or that it must be done in one day. A beautifully decorated home takes time! Our final tip is to decorate with things that you love and that makes you happy!

We hope these decorating do’s and don’ts were helpful! Decorating your home should be fun and exciting!

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